A certification that inspires the industry, it stands out.

After a rigorous one and a half year process in collaboration with all our teams, we are pleased to announce that Maître Carré obtained its B Corp certification last July, joining the ranks of more than 5,600 companies across 85 countries and 158 different industries.

By becoming a certified B Corp, we are joining this global movement that aims to create a more inclusive, fair and sustainable economy alongside other players in our industry; Property management Quo Vadis and Werkliv. It is an immense pride that we share today with all our colleagues, partners and customers.

Concretely, this important stage in the life of our company was marked by the implementation of new processes allowing better decision-making and the implementation of practices that take into account their impact on all stakeholders - employees, customers, partners, environment and community with increased social involvement.

Communications with our employees have been enhanced to ensure transparency in management and several new benefits have been implemented to reflect best practices in the industry. The recruitment process has been optimized to better represent our values, truly reach people from diverse backgrounds and foster a more inclusive environment.

Finally, four implementation teams were set up, each representing one of the B Corp pillars so that all employees get involved and take ownership of the process.

All these actions mark only the beginning of a series of initiatives, stay tuned!

- Hugo, Bertrand and David.

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