New Mellems are coming!

Mellem is certainly a multi-residential rental banner, but it is also a philosophy and a lifestyle that we want to see spread across the country. It is therefore with great excitement that we announce the imminent arrival of two new Mellems, for the summer of 2023, in Montreal and Gatineau!

For more details on the Montreal project and to follow its development :
And for the Gatineau project, it's here :

Mellem living environments are above all living spaces adapted to the needs of its tenants, allowing them to flourish at their own pace and to integrate healthy lifestyles into their daily lives, for themselves and for the planet. We make room for every generation and make it easier to live together, Maître Carré’s team of experts conceptualized living spaces that respect the many different rhythms of life and offer tranquility even in a large urban center. Our promise : living differently together.

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