Queen Alix

Located in the heart of Marconi-Alexandra

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Queen Alix

In the heart of the neighborhood, two Alexandras cross paths. One is the young princess of Denmark, affectionately nicknamed Alix by her loved ones; the other is an older, more mature Alexandra, Queen of Britain. We felt compelled to pay homage to them in the form of a new project, Queen Alix. Inspired by the district’s rich history and by its recent artistic effervescence, this new development simultaneously pays tribute to the past, the present and the future.

Located at the intersection of Alexandra St. and Alexandra Ave., Queen Alix integrates harmoniously and respectfully into the contrasting landscape of the Marconi-Alexandra district by focusing on community development and sustainability. Inspired by the neighborhood’s unique mix of artists, professionals, and families, the project promotes an enhanced quality of life, thanks to a concrete structure that allows absolute relaxation inside and peaceful, tranquil spaces outside.

The project features a wide range of housing options: lofts, one- to three-bedroom condos, townhouses complete with a backyard, and luxurious penthouses featuring an open-air garden. The building also houses the Noble Café at street level, with a storefront on one of Montreal’s most unusual intersections.

Living at Queen Alix means enjoying a peaceful environment in the heart of the city. Close proximity to Jean-Talon Market, Jarry Park, Mile-End, and Outremont make this neighborhood an ideal location for modern couples and families.

Queen Alix

a well-kept secret

  • Lofts with private entrance
  • Condos from 1 to 3 bedrooms with loggia
  • Townhouses with a backyard
  • Penthouses with open-air garden

Marconi-Alexandra: a groundbreaking district

Marconi-Alexandra is an eclectic neighborhood with a mind of its own. As exemplified by its name, it leads a double life.

On one hand, it’s inventive and innovative, just like its namesake, Mr. Marconi. Years ago, it housed numerous textile and food factories. Today, it’s home to some of the most beautiful architectural homes, as well as the future Université de Montréal campus and the city’s AI district.

On the other hand, it’s a refined and artistic hub, taking after Alexandra, Princess of Denmark and Queen of Britain. A rich past cohabitates with a vibrant present, attracting visitors and locals who enjoy the authentic restaurants and cafés populating the area.

The Marconi-Alexandra district is a hidden gem. Its green alleyways, flowerbeds and charming streets that end in culs-de-sac or run along the train tracks make it a sheltered and calm neighborhood, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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