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It takes all kinds to make a city.

Owner or tenant? For the next year or until you feel like moving? Riverside apartment, urban penthouse, office with a panoramic view or ground-level business?

Nature has everything for all tastes. Let good taste be your second nature.

Choose the Maître Carré environment you like.

  • Raftman

    48 riverside apartments

  • Millen Plaza

    Last unit available in front of Beaubien subway station

  • Brickfields

    6 offices that are a class apart

  • Queen Alix

    Located in the heart of Marconi-Alexandra

  • Brickfields

    32 very distinctive homes


    30 all-new apartments

  • Le François-René

    6 homes for the 21st century

  • Valmont

    4 really beautiful houses

  • Carré de la montagne

    148 condominiums and 1 rooftop lounge

  • Carré Laporte

    6 boutique condos

  • Carré Videl

    37 well-located condos

  • Lambert-Closse

    20 elegant condos

  • Terrasse Jeanne-Mance

    16 very cool urban lofts

  • Terrasse du Quartier

    60 distinguished condos